Mécanisme à oscillations


Oscillating mechanism


A mechanism suitable for friction welding aerofoil blades to the periphery of a disc. The mechanism comprises a first member (flywheel 12) which has an eccentric crank pin. Two pivotally interconnected links 18 and 20 are connected between the crank pin and a second member 19 which is pivotally mounted. A blade to be friction welded (by rubbing it in an arcuate path on the disc) is mounted at the point of pivotal connection 32 between the second link 20 and the member 19. An actuator lever 24 is pivotally mounted on a pivot 22 which is located in the vicinity of the locus of movement of the pivotal interconnection 30 between the two links 18, 20. The actuator has a third link 28 which is of the same length as the link 20. The third link is connected by a pivot 26 to the lever 24 at a radius equal to the length of the second and third links 20 and 28. Movement of the lever 24 about its pivot 22 when the pivots 30 and 22 coincide, to bring the pivot 26 into line with the pivot 32 freezes the oscillation of the pivot 32 to enable the blade to be welded to the disc at a precise location along the arcuate path.




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