Anordnung zum schneiden von biologischem gewebe mit hochfrequenzstrom


The invention relates to an arrangement for cutting biological tissues using high-frequency current with an h.f. generator section which is designed so that the amplitude of the voltage applied to the tissue can be varied with an electrical signal. According to the invention, there is at least one regulating device which sets one of the characteristics of the h.f. generator section to an adjustable 1st reference value and there is a display device which indicates the extent of the arc occurring during cutting between the surgical probe and the tissue via an electric signal which provides a 2nd reference value which describes the desired extent of the arc, and there is an evaluation device to which the output signal of the display device and the 2nd reference for the extent of the arc are supplied and which provides the reference for the regulating device in such a way that the maximum rate of change of the reference is at least an order of magnitude smaller than the rate at which the regulating device adjusts the characteristics of the h.f. generator section.




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