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GB-2318932-A: Fluorescent lamp failure warning device patent, GB-2329009-A: Ammunition magazine patent, GB-2329044-A: Data retrieval system patent, GB-2332888-A: Transport cradle for a skid-supported helicopter patent, GB-2335026-A: Dephlegmator patent, GB-2340455-A: Baby buggy with reclining seat patent, GB-2341969-A: Editing system and method patent, GB-2352070-A: Search results WEB page creation patent, GB-2353350-A: A beverage patent, GB-2356495-A: Apparatus for releasing telecom cables from deeply recessed connectors patent, GB-2357357-A: Interfacing generic and device-specific control codes in printing patent, GB-2359656-A: Audible message sign patent, GB-2360636-A: Lampholder with earthing strip patent, GB-2366107-A: Technique for increasing the optical signal/noise ratio of a laser range finder patent, GB-2369445-A: Method for testing a signal processing component patent, GB-2373425-A: Displaying asynchronous video or image sources patent, GB-2373581-A: Touch screen capable of compensating for noise signals patent, GB-2373906-A: High speed wafer level test of a semiconductor memory device patent, GB-2378980-A: Suspension means patent, GB-2380899-A: Telecommunications terminal arranged to measure a parameter of the transmission signal patent, GB-2384861-A: A logging sonde for electrically exploring geological formations through which a borehole passes patent, GB-2393218-A: Supporting the drive shaft of a variable flow control system, eg of a variable air intake system for an i.c. engine patent, GB-2396903-A: Valve operable in response to pressure difference between inlets patent, GB-2401511-A: Adaptive frequency hopping strategy patent, GB-2411061-A: Variable capacitor modulator VCO patent, GB-2413002-A: Fuel cell gas distribution patent, GB-2423220-A: Anonymisation of communications by replacing constant/predictable protocol fields with values from pre-agreed sequence of pseudo random numbers patent, GB-2426387-A: Switched connector for telecommunication system patent, GB-2427353-A: Upright vacuum cleaner patent, GB-2431097-A: Folding vacuum cleaner configuration patent, GB-2440232-A: Multilateral completion system utilizing an alternative passage patent, GB-2440271-A: Window milling system patent, GB-2443323-A: Scaffold clamp patent, GB-2452258-A: Sweat Rate Sensor patent, GB-2452623-A: Apparatus for shelling boiled eggs patent, GB-2456255-A: A method and apparatus for controlling a proxy server patent, GB-2461650-A: Probe seal having pressure-energized sealing elements for female hydraulic coupling member patent, GB-2464249-A: Boxes patent, GB-2468565-A: Console for a vehicle patent, GB-2476380-A: A resonance engine patent, GB-2479531-A: Security grill patent, GB-2503295-A: Selective block sub-division based on quality patent, GB-2505122-A: Determining the location of a material located behind an obstruction patent, GB-2509464-A: Reservoir modelling using flux pairs to specify boundary conditions patent, GB-2511114-A: Motor control apparatus and method patent, GB-2513560-A: Method and apparatus for evaluating cathodic protection patent, GB-2516836-A: Improved cyanoacrylate compositions patent, GB-2520258-A: Connection and disconnection of hydraulic equipment in hyperbaric environments patent, GB-2523049-A: Air blowing device and protective clothing with air blowing device patent, GB-2527907-A: Vehicle monitoring systems and methods patent, GB-2534581-A: A roof rack for a vehicle patent, GB-2538149-A: Recording apparatus and method of controlling recording apparatus patent, GB-2543049-A: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve patent, GB-2545820-A: A device patent, GB-2551646-A: Fibre spreading patent, JP-2005157346-A: 液晶配向剤およびそれを用いた液晶表示素子 patent, JP-2005259054-A: 非接触idタグ書き込み装置 patent, JP-2006114116-A: 半導体記憶装置の入出力回路、入出力方法、組立方法、及び半導体記憶装置 patent, JP-2006142108-A: Pinball game machine patent, JP-2006325107-A: ノード装置、及び、接続方法、接続プログラム、接続態様管理装置、接続態様管理方法、接続態様管理プログラム、ストリームデータ配信システム、並びに、接続切り替え方法 patent, JP-2006502144-A: 新規なプリン誘導体、その製造方法および医薬組成物としての使用 patent, JP-2007151579-A: 生体状態検出装置 patent, JP-2007244067-A: 回転機の冷却構造 patent, JP-2009060670-A: Image data decoding method, and computer readable medium recording program therefor patent, JP-2001185114-A: 密閉形鉛蓄電池用セパレータ patent, JP-2005325023-A: High purity metaphosphate and its production method patent, JP-2007105542-A: Training apparatus patent, JP-2007163360-A: High-precision analytical method for element in solution by fluorescent x-ray patent, JP-2008048028-A: 無線タグシステム patent, JP-2008142528-A: Implant detection method patent, JP-2008231164-A: 紫外・近赤外光遮蔽分散体および紫外・近赤外光遮蔽体 patent, JP-2009040193-A: Motor control device of electric power steering device patent, JP-2009041107-A: 粒状金属の製法 patent, JP-2009149684-A: アミリン作動薬ペプチド用製剤 patent, JP-2002131108-A: Gas protector patent, JP-2006168360-A: Method and device for manufacturing foam in continuous foaming process patent, JP-2007102106-A: レンズ駆動機構 patent, JP-2003082362-A: Slag removal unit patent, JP-2007098041-A: Sphygmomanometry instrument patent, JP-2005214736-A: 圧力検出装置用パッケージ patent, JP-2008051822-A: 化学分析装置 patent, JP-2006098076-A: Radiographic image conversion panel patent, JP-2001332613-A: 半導体装置の製造方法 patent, JP-2007086374-A: パターン形成方法 patent, JP-2008277068-A: Connector for cable patent, JP-2009105296-A: ダミーチップ露光方法 patent, JP-2002093977-A: Method of manufacturing electronic power component and electronic power component obtained thereby patent, JP-2006106484-A: 焦点検出方法 patent, JP-2002326234-A: 成型品取出監視システム patent, JP-2009171322-A: 情報配信装置 patent, JP-2002057587-A: プロセッサ及びそれを用いた復号装置 patent, JP-2005113400-A: 取水口の施工法 patent, JP-2006084555-A: 表示制御装置、カメラ、及び撮影指標表示制御方法 patent, JP-2007107017-A: フィルム patent, JP-2007266876-A: 無線通信方法、無線通信装置、および無線通信プログラム patent, JP-2006133685-A: 音響信号記録装置及びプログラム patent, JP-2009134353-A: 設計支援装置及び設計支援プログラム patent, JP-2007155755-A: Image forming apparatus patent, JP-2006169421-A: Filler for porous film and porous film containing it patent, JP-2001318585-A: Supporting device and method for training of driving and recording medium patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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